Question for Betty.

I'm worried about a friend of mine who thinks (among MANY other things) that since Obama was elected that this is the beginning of "the end of days" . . . where is the line between religious belief and a serious mental problem that needs to be addressed by a professional?

Betty's Answer.

This is a difficult question, even for medical providers to sort out.  You may try curious questioning as a friend, "I notice that you have been thinking about this a lot. Does it bother you that you are preoccupied with this?"  You also might what to ask your friend if they are experiencing changes with eating (weight loss or gain), sleeping, having faster than usual speech or thoughts, and lack of interest in school, work, or hobbies. If your friend is indeed bothered by this or noticing these changes you may suggest an evaluation for any physical health problems.  A physical health provider may then refer for further mental health evaluation. The Student Health & Counseling Center has appointments available for physical assessment and mental health assessment if this is a UAA student taking 6 or more credits. You are a wonderful friend indeed to seek help for your friend.