Question for Betty.

Does the HCG diet cause infertility?  Or make a higher risk for infertility?  I used the drops for a week, lost weight and then a coworker had told me it causes infertility.  But, I can't seem to find a yes or no answer anywhere?

Betty's Answer.

You are not alone in having concerns about the HCG diet. It is a very popular fad diet at this time. The HCG diet combines injections or supplements (like your drops) along with severe, near-starvation calorie restriction, to produce short term weight loss.

HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone produced naturally during pregnancy.  As a prescription medication, it is used in treating infertility, by promoting ovulation.  So, your concern that use of HCG supplements may cause infertility would not be a concern; however, with so few calories you may experience nutritional deficiencies as well as feeling weak, dizzy, fatigued, hungry, depressed and may experience variations in your menstrual periods.

 For further information on the HCG diet, refer to previously submitted "Ask Betty" questions or contact your health care provider or the Student Health and Counseling Center for further information on weight management alternatives.