Question for Betty.

I constantly crave protein.  I eat more then enough of protein each day based on my recommended daily values, and have a super high iron content in my blood, but, I still crave meat, nuts and anything else with a high protein content.  I can't find any explanation for it. Any ideas?

Betty's Answer.

My first comment is on your "super high iron content in my blood".  If this is indeed high, has your health care provider mentioned further testing for possible hemochromatosis?  This is a disorder that causes the body to metabolize iron improperly, allowing too much to enter the blood stream.  This may result in excess iron in the blood or stored in the body, causing tissue and organ damage if not removed.  Be sure to follow-up on this with your health care provider.

Food craving for protein, carbohydrates, chocolate, etc. may be due to many different reasons.  Are you restricting your caloric intake with limiting carbohydrates or fats?  This may leave you feeling that you want something else to feel fullness.  Sometimes food cravings or overeating can be a coping mechanism for emotions, such as when you are stressed, bored, lonely, sad or even happy. 

For assistance in dealing with either of these problems, contact your health care provider or the Student Health & Counseling Center for an appointment.