Question for Betty.

What is the best effective way to lose weight quickly?

Betty's Answer.

My first question is do you really need to lose weight, or do you need to tone up?  What is your motivation for quick weight loss? There are many "fad" diets, which may work initially, due to low caloric intake, but, you tend to regain the weight back as soon as you stop the diet. 

The best advise is to make lifestyle changes.  This may involve increasing your activity level. It is easy to become sedentary as a student, and in our culture in general.  Are you getting one hour of exercise daily?  This may be as small a change as walking more, instead of driving; taking the stairs instead of an elevator.  Getting outside and playing. The second step is to reduce your caloric intake.  High caloric density foods are easy to consume in excess.  Strive for five fruits and vegetables a day; at least 20 grams of fiber; and decrease animal products (including meats, dairy and eggs), sugary foods  (candy bars, cookies, cake) and high fat foods (fried foods and chips).  Look at what you are drinking.  Cut out the sodas, energy drinks, lattes, and fruit juices.  Read the labels, and notice the calories you are consuming.  Also look at your food portion sizes, you may be consuming a larger serving size than needed.  Divide a dinner plate in half; make one half vegetables and fruits, one quarter protein, and one quarter starch.  Try eating more often, at least 3 meals a day.  Skipping meals may lead to over eating at a later time.

For further information, and for help with long term lifestyle changes, you may want to make an appointment with the Student Health and Counseling Center for weight management. 

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