Question for Betty.

So, I'm not sure what I could possibly have.  I've had this burning sensation in my urethra that comes and goes.  It started in September and quickly went away.  So, I figured it was due to over masturbvation, because after a week of not doing it, it was gone.  It's come back since then though, and I feel as though it's possibly more painful than before.  I cut back on the masturbation for a week but it's still here.

Symptoms:  Burning sensation middle urethra (sometimes stronger than other times, to the point I think it's gone). It only burns when I pee occasionally.  No discharge.  Burns when I ejaculate occasionally, more so than when I pee.  I've had a syphilis test, gonorrhoea test, chlamydia test, and also a hepatitis test.  All came out negative.  I heard a STD usually has an obvious discharge, so my sanity has been resting on this lately.  What's wrong?

Betty's Answer.

Congratulations on seeking help for an ongoing concern. You have tried to diagnose this yourself, and have even had some testing completed. Discharge is not always noted with a sexually transmitted infection, in fact, many people have no symptoms.  I would encourage you to see a health care provider for an assessment.  You many have a urinary tract infection, a STI (recheck the chlamydia and gonorrhoea as well as herpes simplex), have nonspecific urethritis, a prostate infection, too agressive masturbation, or even be dehydrated with concentrated urine.  All of these can be checked out by your health care provider, don't delay any longer in being examined.  Be sure to give the details which you provided for me at your office visit. If you are an eligible UAA student, you may call the Student Health and Counseling Center for an appointment at 907-786-4040.