Question for Betty.

I think I have a drinking problem. What services are available on campus for a student like me?
Betty's Answer.

Congratulations on recognizing that you have a problem with alcohol, and seeking help.  Campus services available to students who believe they may have a problem with alcohol include the following:

1.  The Student Health & Counseling Center offers a full mental health evaluation by a psychiatric nurse practitioner providing screening for alcohol abuse, alcohol dependence, and other possible comorbid disorders, such as depression or anxiety.  Further treatment options offered might include psychoeducation, cognitive behavioral therapy, insight oriented therapy, supportive therapy, motivational interviewing, and referral for inpatient or outpatient treatment.

2.  The Student Health & Counseling Center offers a full physical exam by a family nurse practitioner providing assessment of alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence with supportive laboratory assessments, if indicated.  The patient may be referred for inpatient or outpatient treatments.  For an appointment call 786-4040.

3.  Student Development Counselors are available through the Dean of Students Office for concerns affecting academic success, such as stress, and alcohol or other drug issues.  Call 786-6158 to schedule an appointment.