Question for Betty.

I fell really hard while walking on the ice.  I twisted my ankle as I fell and hurt my wrist when I reached out to catch myself.  I put a couple of bags of frozen peas on my wrist and ankle. Is there anything else I should do?
Betty's Answer.

As long as there are no open wounds, simply applying ice or frozen vegetable like peas or corn is very important after sustaining an injury to prevent further inflammation and swelling of the site.  In addition to rest and ice, elevating your joints and applying an ace bandage that provides compression, without occluding circulation, can also help to keep the swelling down. 

You should see your health care provider or schedule an appointment at the SHCC to determine if you underwent a strain, sprain or fracture.  A strain occurs when muscles are pulled and/or torn.  A sprain results from pulling or tearing of ligaments. Fractures result from cracking or completely breaking a bone.  The most common injury in ankles, resulting from a fall, is an inversion sprain and the most common injury of the wrist, from a fall, is a fracture of the distal radius called Colle's fracture.  Falls are common during the winter months, but, can be prevented by wearing shoes with extra traction or by putting ice cleats on your shoes.