Question for Betty.

Help!  I'm having trouble staying awake in class.

Betty's Answer.

Falling asleep in class can be very detrimental to your college success.  Snoring through a class is rude, and totally impedes your recall of the covered information in subsequent exams. 

The leading cause of sleepiness in class is not getting adequate sleep during the previous night. 

Tips for better sleep:

* Keep regular bedtime/waking hours.

* Exercise regularly.

* Avoid caffeine and nicotine in the evening.

* Keep up with schoolwork.

* Minimize sleep disruptions with a dark, quiet bedroom.

If you are still feeling sleepy in class after getting adequate sleep you may want to try the following:

*  Exercise with a brisk walk or stretching prior to class.

* Stay hydrated by bringing a water bottle to class.

* Caffeine consumption, in small amounts.

* Eating prior to class; as in breakfast, lunch or dinner, especially carbohydrates and protein.  Avoid "junk food" which will temporarily boost your blood sugar and then drop it, causing sleepiness. Also, avoid over eating which will divert blood flow for concentration from your brain to your stomach for digestion.

* A positive attitude towards the class; preparing by completing assignments prior to class.

Good luck towards breaking that yawning habit.