Question for Betty.

I am a student at UAA.  I have medical coverage for myself through my employer.  It is an out of state Blue Cross plan and is quite expensive.  My wife is not covered due to cost.  I have epilepsy and asthma and am on medication for both.  I would appreciate any information on any plan that I might investigate.  A large concern of mine is cost, and the ability to intern, or do seasonal work in order to find employment after I graduate, where I would have to drop my plan and still pay for my meds.  I also need to find coverage for my wife.

Betty's Answer.

Dear Health Insurance Seeker,

I have information about the UnitedHealthcare Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan offered through the University of Alaska, with an option to include your spouse or domestic partner and your children at the time you enrolled in the insurance plan. This insurance is available for students taking 6 or more credits. Their website is  Another option is a website for the Alaska Division of Insurance at  They have lists of insurance agents and insurance companies licensed to do business in Alaska. 

It is important to keep continuous coverage with some plan as you have pre-existing health concerns.

Good luck with your search.