Question for Betty.

I sometimes throw up after I eat if I think I ate too much.  Now it seems that whenever I eat, I have an urge to throw up.  Is that weird?

Betty's Answer.

Repeated, self-induced vomiting often indicates an eating disorder.  Some of the physical risks that may develop following episodic vomiting may include fatigue, sore throat, tooth decay or pain, puffiness in cheeks and strained or broken bood vessels underneath the eyes.  More serious health consequences include an electrolyte imbalance which may stress the heart; damage to the esophagus; chronic constipation; and ulcers.  There are many emotional risks as well. 

Please contact your health care provider for help with this problem. If you are an eligible UAA student, you may contact the Student Health and Counseling Center for an appointment.  Evaluation, treatment options, individual counseling and information on an Eating Disorder Recovery Group are all available.

For further information on eating disorders and recovery call 1-800-756-7533 or