Question for Betty.

My breasts are constantly itching and I have red spots before it starts itching.  From all the itching, I have a scar right underneath my nipple.  Would some hydrocortisone cream do the trick or what do you recommend to a student with no insurance?

Betty's Answer.

    My first question is, are you a UAA student taking 6 or more credits?  If this is correct, you may call the UAA Student Health & Counseling Center for an appointment, with no charge for the office visit.  It is important to have a health care provider take a look at this rash for evaluation.  It may be that you have an allergic or contact dermatitis, eczema, a fungal infection, a bacterial infection, or even early changes with breast cancer.  Any changes in laundry soap, dryer sheets, shower or bath soap or lotions could also be causing a problem.  There may also be a problem with your clothing, such as a bra that is causing irritation.  It is time to be seen and treated for this constant itching.