Question for Betty.

In the past few months I have noticed that at times when I am in my home, but feel cold, my hands, fingernails, and lips turn bluish/purplish.  Today I noticed that the back of my hands looked splotchy and that the veins in my legs appear more blueish than normal.

I may be over-processing my skin here, but I wanted to know if I should be concerned.

Betty's Answer.

You are very observant of changes to your body.  I would suggest that perhaps at this time of year, your skin is quite pale, and you are able to see underlying structures through this pale skin more than when you have had a bit of sun exposure.  It would also be true that if you are feeling cold, that your hands, fingernails and lips might have a blue hue. However, that might also indicate that you are keeping your home environment a bit too cool, and/or that you need to be dressing warmer.  If your home is a warm temperature and you are experiencing these problems, it would be good to have this checked out with a health care provider.  You do not mention problems with breathing or with chest pain, nor with lightheadedness, which would warrant a prompt visit to a health care provider. 

Be sure that when you are sitting and studying that you get up and move around frequently to stretch and to get your circulation improved.  Also, be sure that you are staying well hydrated with water.  Remember, we are gaining almost 5 minutes of daylight a day in the month of February; it will soon be Spring!