Question for Betty.

I have pains in my body, sometimes a dull pain in my right arm, other times in my left chest or right chest, and my neck keeps hurting also.  I really want to get looked at to see if there is a problem, but, I'm only taking one class at UAA so I'm not able to get school insurance and I'm employed part-time with no health insurance benefits.  What would you recommend for me to be able to get checked?  I'm worried that I might have a disease or a condition or something of that nature and have no insurance to cover myself?

Betty's Answer.

You have a common complaint, which has led to a nationwide debate, no health insurance, leading to lack of access to health care.

Unfortunately, we can only see students at the Student Health & Counseling Center who are taking 6 or more credits and paid a student service fee.  You have concerns which warrant a check by a health care provider.  There are resources available for you in our community.  The Municipality of Anchorage has a Community Resource List, available at the Student Health & Counseling Center, which lists health care resources which you may want to check out.  They include:

 Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center at 257-4600 or

Providence Family Practice at 562-9229, call for information

 Both of these have sliding fee scales. 

 If you are in need of emergent care you may try the Providence Emergency Room Brief Care Clinic. Be sure to let them know that are a UAA student who is concerned about your finances, before your health care visit.