Question for Betty.

I've been having a pain in my tail bone area for the past few days, and it hurts to sit down in just about any chair.  I look at it and saw a small red spot, but nothing else.  I know I haven't had any kind of fall, what should I do?

Betty's Answer.

Pain in the tailbone or coccyx is a common painful condition.  The most common cause is direct external trauma, in which the cocyx is bruised, broken, or dislocated.  Other causes may be from prolonged sitting, especially with poor posture, on a hard or ill-fitting surface (during air or car travel) or a narrow suface (bicycle riding).  Degenerative joint changes can cause pain as well as pilonidal sinus infection (with redness, pain, warmth, and swelling over the coccyx).  Pain can also be referred from diseases of the spine and pelvic organs.

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