Question for Betty.

I have mucus buildup in my throat above where I am able to swallow.  It has been present for a couple of weeks.  I am just recovering from a cold that I have had for a few days, and am noticing that it is still there.  What should I do/medicine to take?

Betty's Answer.

Thick mucus discharge in the back of your throat is indeed unpleasant.  You can try a sinus rinse type product for irrigation through your nostrils, twice daily. This often rinses out that thick blockage.  We do have a sinus rinse available for purchase at the SHCC, or you can find it in the pharmacy section of your local grocery store.  You can also make a saline solution mixed from 1/2 cup water and 1/4 teaspoon salt, and snort that up your nostrils with a spoon.  Or course all of this has to be done over a sink. You can also drink plenty of fluids to thin secretions and take products with guaifenesin (such as Mucinex) to help thin secretions. If you began to show signs of a sinus infection, such as pain or pressure in your face, pain in your upper teeth, fever and/or foul tasting discharge down the back of your throat, see your health care provider or make an appointment with the SHCC for evaluation.