Question for Betty.
What is the best way to quit biting your nails?  I almost don't have any left!
Betty's Answer.
You are not alone!  Nail biting is a common habit among many adults.  Curiously, 15% of nail biters also bite their toe nails, according to the GoAskAlice website. There are theories as to why people have this habit.  Some believe it is a comfort measure when anxious or nervous, while others refer to over grooming behavior of primates.
When you get the urge to bite, try replacing this with another action, such as chewing gum, munching on healthy snacks with a crunch, keeping your hands occupied by knitting, crocheting, drawing, or even rubbing on a "worry stone".  Identify triggers that lead you to bite your nails.  Are you biting while focusing on school work or when you are bored? Some websites encourage putting foul smelling and tasting substances on your nails; however, these could cause problems if ingested.

Keeping your nails clean and healthy is necessary to avoid fungal and bacterial infections.  Putting unwashed fingers in your mouth exposes you to numerous germs in your environment.  It is also exposing others to germs from your mouth when you then touch items.  Washing your hands prior to bringing any item in close proximity to your face or mouth may save you from getting ill this semester.