Question for Betty.

What should I do when the student health serrvices determines from a phone call that I'm not sick enough to need their services on a certain day?  Are there alternative resources I can utilize?  Is there a guideline I could refer to that could help me determine when my illness meets eligibility standards?  Any information would be helpful, thanks!

Betty's Answer.

Thank you for your question.  The Student Health and Counseling Center strives daily to meet the mental and physical health concerns of UAA students.  Eligibility is based on taking 6 credits at UAA.  The Departmental staff and facility space determine the number of patients that can be seen each day.  30 to 35% of each days appointments are reserved for same day access to address student's needs.  If an appointment if unavailable, and you have an immediate concern, our reception staff endeavors to provide alternative resources within the Anchorage Community. Appointments may be scheduled for the next available day, if we have filled all available appointments.  I appreciate your question.  If you have any further questions, please call 907-786-4040 for additional information.