Question for Betty.

My boyfriend and I broke up after two years of being with each other.  I have tons of homework and tests coming up and I can't seem to focus on anything but him and our relationship.  It didn't end badly, which in a way, makes it harder.  Any advice?

Betty's Answer.

Dear Reader,

Breaking up is extremely hard to do, no matter the circumstances.  You are grieving a loss and need time to do this, but, make sure it doesn't consume you. 

You may be grieving the loss of no longer being part of a couple.  It is time to explore your individual strengths and skills, and focus moving in a new direction of self discovery.  Make time for yourself; reconnect with old friends; develop new friendships; try a new activity.  Take care of yourself by getting daily exercise, eating nutritious food, getting adequate sleep, and talking to friends and family about how you feel.  Hang out with those in your life that support and care about you.

If you take care of these needs for self-care, you will be more focused when it comes to classes, assignments and tests.  You will be able to focus on your education as being important to your future goals.  You may also be more open to joining study groups, or in finding a comfortable undisturbed study environment.

Best wishes.