Question for Betty.
My boyfriend breaks up with me every time we fight. 
 He never talks or listens to me. 
 He always says bad things about our relationship.  Why is he like that?
Betty's Answer.

Thank you for asking for help.  As for your question, I am not sure why your partner is behaving this way.  But know that his behavior is not your fault, we are each responsible for our own well being. Your fights with break ups, your perception of being unheard, and his negative comments about your relationship, lead me to believe that you may be in an unhealthy relationship. A healthy relationship is based on mutual respect, involves thoughtful communication, and positive supportive interactions.

I strongly encourage you to obtain some supportive counseling. If you are an eligible UAA student, you may call the Student Health & Counseling Center to set up an intake appointment with one of the Mental Health Providers.  You may also refer to our website for further on-campus counseling options.