Question for Betty.
My boyfriend keeps threatening to break up every time we fight.  Afterwards, he will feel bad and say he did it out of anger.  I feel torn apart and he just does not listen.  What do I do?  I know breaking up and teaching him a lesson would hurt ME.
Betty's Answer.

Relationships can be challenging and they can sometimes be unhealthy. Examples of an unhealthy relationship are:

Your partner threatens, scares or harms you in any way.

Doesn't respond when you talk or ignores you.

Makes fun of or insults your thoughts, ideas, or beliefs. 

Criticizes you or calls you names.

Tries to keep you from friends or activities you like.

Always has to win a discussion or argument.

Forces you to do something you don't want.

If you feel that you may be in an unhealthy relationship call to make an appointment with one of the Student Health and Counseling Center Mental Health Staff.

Learning how to manage your own behavior and choices in dealing with your boyfriend may make you feel confident in the way you solve problems.  Signs of a healthy relationship, among many other things, include respect and honest communication.