Question for Betty.

 Just recently my girlfriend and I hung out with a friend of ours.  We played video games all night, and I fell asleep early.  I woke up the next morning and everything went as usual.  After a few days, I learned that our friend had asked my girlfriend out on a dinner date, and when she asked about it, I had said "Yes".  Now I learned that my friend and girlfriend have a small crush on each other.  My friend said that he was sorry if it made me mad, and I said that it didn't.  What I'm asking, is there something wrong with me for not being mad that a friend had a crush on my girlfriend?

Betty's Answer.

 You have a great question.  You have a concern that perhaps you should be mad or jealous of your friend and your girlfriend having a crush on each other, and dating.  It is a question you should discuss with your girlfriend.  What are her feelings towards this individual?  Does she have feelings towards this individual that might jeopardize your relationship? Are you so secure and committed  in your relationship, that you are not worried about losing her.  This is something that you need to discuss with her.  The other option is that you maybe are not committed to this relationship, and are okay with losing her.  She may be testing your commitment to your relationship.  

As for your friend.  It is good that you are able to talk about this.  He may want to know how committed you are to your girlfriend, or whether you are willing to possibly lose her.  Friends have been known to break up over a girl.  As well as couples have been known to break up due to a friend.

I wish you well as you explore your feelings and your relationships.