Question for Betty.

Can HPV eventually turn to HIV, or is HPV a sign of HIV?

Betty's Answer.

NO, HPV will not eventually turn to HIV. 

HPV or human papillomavirus, is a sexually transmitted viral infection of the skin, of which there are over 100 types.  It is estimated to be the most common STI (sexually transmitted infection) with 50% of sexually active adults likely to have been infected with at least one HPV type.  There is now a vaccine, currently available to young women, that can protect against 4 of the most common strains of HPV (types 6 and 11, which cause most of the external genital warts and 16 and 18, which together cause 70% of cervical cancer.) For more information contact the SHCC.

HIV or human immunodeficiency virus, can lead to AIDS or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.  HIV is a virus that attacks and destroys the body's immune system. HIV is predominately transmitted through sex with an infected individual, who may or may not know that they are infected.  New recommendations from the CDC advocate routine voluntary HIV screening as part of regular health care screenings.

Having HPV or any other genital infection increases your risk of acquiring HIV through sexual exposure.  Having HIV increases your risk of acquiring HPV or any other opportune infection, due to a weakened immune system.