Question for Betty.

I am 48 years old have not have a period in 3 months.  I am not pregnant because I haven't had sex. . . till last night and his condom broke.  Can I get pregnant, or consider Plan B?

Betty's Answer.

Yes, you can get pregnant with condom failure and with irregular periodsYou do have the opportunity to use Plan B within 5 days of unprotected intercourse, although the sooner you take Plan B the more effective it is.  At age 48 and with no menses for 3 months, you are less likely to become pregnant, but, there are no guarantees.  You may have been ovulating when this condom failure took place.  You are considered perimenopausal, until you have gone 12 months without a period.  During the years that you are perimenopausal you may still achieve pregnancy.