Question for Betty.

I had sex with my boyfriend a week ago.  The condom broke.  I was supposed to get my period yesterday.  I am on birthcontrol, can I be pregnant?

Betty's Answer.

This is not a time sensitive column, so, you may have already begun your menses.  First of all, are you using your birth control method correctly, and consistently, whether it be oral contraceptives, Depo Provera, a diaphragm, etc. ?  If you are, the chance of you being pregnant is greatly reduced, depending on which method you are using. If you are using oral contraceptives, they are 99% effective in preventing pregnancy, if used correctly.  Sometimes menses are missed due to stress (midterms are happening), increased exercise, illness, or changing your environment.  If you have been taking your oral contraceptives daily, you should not be concerned with an occassional missed menses.  If you have not been using your contraceptive method correctly, take a pregnancy test.