Question for Betty.
Six years ago I was on birth control and my fiance and I were not using condoms.  I would get frequent UTIs and would be tested for STIs and was in the clear.  The UTIs went away after I realized it was caused by something specific.  I stopped my birth control and we've been using condoms for 5 years.  I currently got back on birth control and the past few times we have had intercourse, he gets itchy afterwards and so do I.  It's not consistent and it usually goes away after a few minutes.  There are no unusual smells, bumps, symptoms, or anything that makes me think anything serious is go on, though it does make us wonder.  We researched this and learned it may be our natural allergens combining and getting use to one another again without condoms.  Is this normal?  Should we be concerned?  We've been together for almost 7 years and have no concern of cheating or catching something from someone else.  I was tested in 2008 and throughout college for STIs and never had a problem.  What can this be caused by?
Betty's Answer.
Good job on knowing the details of your sexual health history.  Because of your concern and discomfort with the itching after intercourse, it would be prudent to make an appointment with your health care provider for a gyn exam.  They can examine your vaginal discharge and do a wet prep to look for yeast or bacterial vaginosis.  They can also review your use of any products which may be causing irritation.

Please contact your health care provider for an appointment or the Student Health and Counseling Center, if you are an eligible student, at 907-786-4040.