Question for Betty.


I want to know. . . my boyfriend was playing with his penis and then he started playing with my vagina.  He was flowing when he touched his penis and with the same hand he took his hand inside my vagina to feel me completely.  I had my menses date on 8 December 2007, and till now my menses have not started and I am a little worried of getting pregnant.  Please tell me are there chances of me getting pregnant. . . because we didn't have any intercourse.  Please advise ASAP.

Betty's Answer.

Dear Advise ASAP,

There is a small chance that you can get pregnant without intercourse.  If the sperm from your partner's ejaculate or pre-ejaculate gets near or is placed in the vagina when you are fertile, the sperm can move up the vagina, hook up with an egg, and fertilize it.  You are now 10 days late with your menses.  It is time to get a pregnancy test, either at the SHCC or an at home test.  To prevent future risk of pregnancy, either have your partner use a condom, or have him wash his hands after handling his penis and ejaculate, or both.