Question for Betty.

Dear Betty,

I had relations with my bf 2 -3 days before my period.  I was concerned I was not going to get it, but I did.  Even if I got it, can I still be pregnant?  I'm supposed to start on my cycle this month again.  I have not been active anymore in the past days.

Betty's Answer.

Dear Reader,

I believe you are telling me you are have unprotected intercourse repeatedly and are wondering if you can get pregnant.  The answer is YES.  Even if you had a period after intercourse, especially if it was very short and light, you could be pregnant.  If you have not started your period at this time, I suggest a pregnancy test.  The next subject we need to discuss is BIRTH CONTROL.  Avoid the anxiety and the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease by simply having your partner WEAR A CONDOM each time you have intercourse.  Since condoms can sometimes fail, I also suggest that you make an appointment with your health care provider or with the Student Health & Counseling Center for a consult about contraception.  Another option if you are using condoms and it breaks, is to come on in to the Student Health & Counseling Center for Plan B.  This needs to be within 5 days of sexual intercourse, or better yet, as soon as possible.