Question for Betty.

I just have been diagnosed as having a yeast infection.  But, I'm worried because I was just diagnosed with BV a couple of months earlier.  I read on the Internet that having yeast infections can also be a result of having HIV.  I'm really worried, but, I have only had unprotected sex with one other person besides my fiance and he was fine.  But, the only way I could have gotten infected is by someone I slept with, right?  I'm a worry freak and I hate when there are things wrong with me.

Betty's Answer.

First of all, bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections are very common in women and are not sexually transmitted infections.  Vaginal yeast or vulvovaginal candidiasis is so common that 75% of females are affected at least once, and 40 to 50% have a recurrence.  HIV is predominately transmitted through sex with an infected individual, who may or may not know that they are infected.  New recommendations from the CDC advocate routine voluntary HIV screening as part of regular health care screenings. If you have never been screened for HIV, this would be a great time to do it.  HIV screening is free to eligible UAA students at the SHCC. Your research is correct in listing yeast infections, along with other opportune infections, as being symptoms of disease progression to AIDS. But, as you now know, yeast infections are very common in women, so, they are not a good indicator of HIV or AIDS.