Question for Betty.

Dear Betty,

The condom broke on me and my boyfriend.  I am taking birth control (shots), but I'm still worried.  I just gave birth 2 months ago.  Is there a chance of me getting pregnant?  If so, do I need to take a pregnancy test? And when?

Betty's Answer.

You are on a very effective birth control method.  Depo Provera given by injection every 3 months is 99% effective in suppressing ovulation, if it is given as directed.  Since you recently gave birth, you should have been given the first injection within the first 5 days postpartum, if not breast feeding.  If exclusively breast feeding, you should have been given the first injection at your 6th week postpartum.  Changes in cervical mucus, a secondary mechanism of contraception, are complete by about the 7th day after the injection. 

If you received your first Depo Provera injection more than 7 days ago, you should be protected at 99%. 

During the time you are using Depo Provera, you may skip a period, or your periods may stop completely, if you are receiving your injections every 3 months, then you are probably not pregnant.

If you have any further questions of concerns, contact your health care provider or the SHCC for a consult.