Question for Betty.

Dear Betty,

If I'm getting cramps does that mean I'm about to start on my cycle?

Betty's Answer.

Dear Reader,

You can probably answer that better than I can, as you have a history of having menstrual periods for 12 months a year for maybe the last 6 years or more.  Every woman has their own unique body and menstrual cycle.  Some women have very regular periods every 28 days.  Others might have irregular cycles and skip months.  Some women have cramping and or bloating prior to their menstrual period and others no warning.  Every woman is unique and it is up to you to observe those natural patterns and cycles.  If you have never had cramping before, this still might just be a variation in your normal cycle.  If you miss your cycle and have had unprotected intercourse, I suggest making an appointment to see your health care provider or the Student Health & Counseling Center for a pregnancy test.