Question for Betty.

Dear Betty,

I had my period last week. This past week I'm still bleeding lightly.  I'm sexually active and was wondering if I could be pregnant.  I have also had these weird cravings for dill pickles, ice cream, and other things.  What should I do?

Betty's Answer.

Dear Reader,

Are you using any birth control method, and if so, are you using it correctly (every time)? If not, it would be a wise decision on your part to have a pregnancy test done at the SHCC or at home. Early signs of pregnancy (one to two weeks after conception) are: a missed period; a period with less bleeding or fewer days than usual; swelling, tenderness, or tingling in your breasts; frequent urination; nausea or vomiting; feeling bloated or crampy; increased or decreased appetite; changes in digestion (constipation or heartburn); and mood changes.  Signs of pregnancy vary from woman to woman. It is important to find out if you could be pregnant.

The next step would be to start using condoms, and schedule an appointment for a contraception consult and STI (sexually transmitted infection) screening at the SHCC. Bleeding after intercourse can be a sign of vaginal infection.

Weird food cravings can be caused by many different things, including: depression, stress, boredom, nutritional deficiencies, and pregnancy.  So this might need an appointment at the SHCC to sort this out.