Question for Betty.
My girlfriend has endometriosis and is on this birth control pill called alyacen and she is supposed to take it everyday at the same time and also on this pill she does not get her period.  About four weeks ago we had unprotected sex but I did not ejaculate inside of her.  A week later she started bleeding and I had her take two pregnancy tests and they both came out negative.  Later on the bleeding stopped for a few days and then now once again she started bleeding again.  I need help knowing what is going on with her cause it is very confusing.
Betty's Answer.

Thanks for your caring letter, which shows a lot of concern for your partner.  Your girlfriend is being treated for endometriosis and for birth control.  If she is taking her Alyacen 1/35 regularly, she is protected from pregnancy.  She may be taking continuous active pills to prevent periods, to help with the pain that she experiences with endometriosis.  When active pills are taken continuously, women may experience "break through bleeding", or bleeding at a time other than when on inactive pills.  Is this a cause for concern?  No, it isn't worrisome, if she has been consistently taking her birth control pills.  If she is missing pills, it would be wise to use condoms, and check for pregnancy (which she did.) She may have missed pills or just be having break through bleeding.  Unfortunately for her, when she has this bleeding, she may also be experiencing return of painful cramping. This would be a good reason to encourage her to contact her health care provider for advise.