Question for Betty.

I am on a birth control low dose and have changed to a higher dose and want to know if I have already taken 5 days of the lower dose in my pack can I start the higher dose on the 6th day or should I wait until the lower dose pack is completely gone before going to the higher dose pills?

Betty's Answer.
Thank you for your question about switching oral contraceptive pills.  You can switch from the current low dose to the higher dose with your next pill, starting with the first pill in the higher dose pack, or to safe money you could finish the lower dose pack and then start your new pack. If you are switching because of break through bleeding, I would advise switching now.  It is always a good idea to confirm with your health care provider on the plan for switching pills. By low dose you may be referring to an oral contraceptive with a lower estrogen strength and high dose as having higher estrogen.  Good luck with your new oral contraceptives, and contact your health care provider if you have any further questions.