Question for Betty.

I was having dinner with my boyfriend and all of a sudden my heart started beating fast, my temperature went up, I felt sweaty, and very dizzy like I was going to vomit.  I was too scared to walk to the bathroom and faint or pass out or throw up in front of everyone, so I wet my napkin and placed it on my forehead and took deep breaths until it went away.  It happened about 3 times throughout the evening.  I'm currently on my period, do you think it has to do with that?  What do you recommend?  My friends think I should go to the doctor.  Is it serious?

Betty's Answer.

I have a lot of questions to ask you, so, I would encourage you to make an appointment with your health care provider or with the SHCC for evalution.

First of all, are you still having problems?  If so, see a health care provider, ASAP.

Second, have you ever had this problem before? Again, be sure to see a health care provider.

Third, what did you have to eat or drink prior to the episode?  An empty stomach may have caused a hypoglycemic episode; also, overly spicey food or alcohol could have triggered a similar response.

Fourth, what were you talking about prior to the episode?  Excitement, anxiety or fear may trigger hyperventilating, and near fainting.

Fifth, you mention you were having your period.  Do you have excessively long lasting, heavy menses?  You may want to be evaluated for anemia.

All these questions lead to the same conclusion.  You need to have an evaluation by a health care provider.