Question for Betty.

Hey, I'm having my periods from Feb. 8th . . . but at start it was just a bit spotting and now it is a very, very, little flow.  Why so?  I'm on metformin and we're  trying for a baby for 2+ years.  I have PCOS, but, my periods length is 60 days.  So, how can I know when I ovulate?  We're not using any type of precautions.

Betty's Answer.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) occurs when hormone levels are abnormal. Usually, too much of the male hormones (androgens) and too little of the female hormones (estrogens) are produced, preventing the ovaries from releasing an egg every month (ovulating).  Little cysts form where the egg should have been released, and the ovaries may become abnormally enlarged. PCOS may cause a number of symptoms, including:  irregular or absent menstrual periods, problems with fertility, weight gain, heavy hair growth on the face and body, male-pattern hair loss on the head, and acne. 

PCOS symptoms can be managed with a number of medications.  PCOS treatment is complicated and it is important that you follow up with your health care provider who specializes in infertility.