Question for Betty.
About two weeks ago I had regular symptoms of a yeast infection, I took OTC medicine and it was treated 100%.  I am guilty of not being a regular water drinker, so my history of UTIs is ridiculous.  Recently I've experienced a little burning down there.  I have no other symptoms such as discharge, odor, painful intercourse, etc. It's not bad at all, but noticeable.  I don't have STIs as I've had the same partner for a few years and have been checked a couple years ago.  I've also noticed dry throat as well!  Could this be from dehydration?  Or does burning always mean UTI, bacterial infection, etc.  After urination it generally goes away and there isn't any other discomfort.  I'm also on birth control and on my period as well. Thanks!
Betty's Answer.

 You have concern with burning with urination.  This could be due to a urinary tract infection, a vaginal infection or irritation, or just really concentrated urine.  You report no further symptoms of unusual vaginal discharge, odor, pain with intercourse, blood in urine, cloudy urine, or frequency of urination. You also report STI screening, which you may want to update at this time. It would be okay to try increasing your water intake to at least 2 liters a day at the minimum, and observing any decrease in symptoms.  If this doesn't help, I would encourage an appointment with your health care provider to check for infection.

A history of frequent urinary tract infections warrants further investigation.  Drinking more water is very important.  Post intercourse hygiene including urination, cleansing with soap and water and then drinking a glass of water, may also help.  These are issues you may address with your health care provider.  Congratulations on using a birth control method, and be observant of changes to your body.