Question for Betty.

What does it mean to have 3 cycles of bleeding one one month?  Do you offer OB/GYN appointments at the Student Health and Counseling Center?

Betty's Answer.
This is a common question. Many things can cause irregular menses, including stress (like college/finals), and changes in environment (like living away from home). There are important questions that we need to know in order to determine the cause of your irregular uterine bleeding.  I would encourage you to see a health care provider for evaluation of this problem.  The evaluation may include a history of whether you are sexually active; are you taking any medications including birth control pills; whether you might be pregnant; what is a normal cycle for you; what is the nature of the abnormal bleeding; have you had a change in weight; and are you participating in vigorous exercise. I would again encourage you to see a health care provider for evaluation. If you are an eligible UAA student, you may contact the Student Health & Counseling Center, for an appointment for assessment of irregular menses.