Dear Betty,

Can you treat yourself for a yeast infection while having your menses?

Dear Reader,

You can treat yourself for a yeast infection with over the counter antifungal vaginal creams or suppositories.  However, if you are bleeding heavily the cream will be unable to be effective.  You can wait until you finish your menses to treat yourself, if you are sure that it is a yeast infection.  A yeast infection typically is very itchy vaginally and you may have thick, white cottage cheese like discharge.  You can make an appointment to come into the SHCC for a infection check to confirm that it is a yeast infection or to find out that it may be a different infection, such as bacterial vaginitis, which is treated with prescription medications.  If it is diagnosed as a yeast infection we can also at that time give you a oral medication, Fluconazole to treat the yeast infection.  This is only available by prescription.