What can I Expect when I Come in for an Appointment

This first appointment, offered at no charge, is a comprehensive evaluation. We schedule one and a half hours for these appointments so that we have time to review the present situation that brings you to counseling, how are you coping, discuss your personal history, social support, and medical history. We will also want to know about your strengths and hopes for your future. Before the end of the session your practitioner will review their assessment, discuss with you what your options are, and help you formulate a plan to address your problem.

Options may include counseling, medication, education, specific suggestions or "homework", or referral to another agency. Sometimes, no further counseling is needed, because just talking the situation out during this initial appointment is all a student may need to get a handle on their situation.

You can usually continue to work with the same practitioner you saw for your first appointment, unless you request a change.


All mental health services are confidential. No information can be released to anyone without your written consent. Rare exceptions to confidentiality are required by law.  These exceptions are related to intent to harm other, self or situations where a child is being harmed.

About Our Staff

The Student Health and Counseling Center is staffed with Mental Health Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Counselors, and graduate students.

Georgia DeKeyser, RN,MSN, ANP is the Director of the Student Health and Counseling Center and is certified as both a Family Nurse Practitioner, and as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. She has lived in Alaska since 1984, and has been working at the Student Health Center in Mental Health Services since 1998.  She enjoys outdoor Alaska, ice skating, bike riding, and reading.

Please refer to the Staff link for complete staff listing.