Campus Safety

Campus Safety

While relatively safe, the campus is not a sanctuary from crime and it shares many of the same concerns and problems faced by other universities. UAA is like a mini-city unto itself, with a student population of approximately 15,000.

In order to encourage a safer campus, the University has adopted the theme “Safety is Everybody’s Business” and is continually striving to educate, heighten awareness, and improve safety conditions. You are encouraged to be responsible for your own safety and to bring safety concerns to the attention of UAA faculty or staff or to contact the University Police at 786-1120. For your own safety, please take the time to locate the nearest exits and emergency telephones when you are in campus buildings. You are urged to use the same common sense and caution on campus as you would use in the greater Anchorage community.

If you are interested in our crime prevention programs, reporting procedures, or three-year campus statistics, you may obtain a free copy of the UAA Campus Security & Fire Safety Report from the Dean of Students Office at 786-1214 (V/TTY), the University Police Department at 786-1120 (V/TTY), or online at

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Call Team (Walking Safety Escorts)
University Police Department (UPD)
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Student Affairs Counseling and Support Services
Campus Security and Fire Safety Report
Sexual Offense Policy
Alcohol & Drugs on Campus
Crime Prevention Strategies
Personal Safety Guide
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