Who are the Care Team members?

The Care Team is comprised of University department directors, Dean of Students staff members, counselors, academic affairs, and law enforcement who specialize in evaluating student behavior from a multi-disciplinary approach.

The teams members are:

  • Lisa Terwilliger, Care Team Coordinator
  • Anyon Turner, Care Team Case Manager
  • Michael Votava, Assistant Dean of Students & Director of Student Conduct and Ethical Development, Chair
  • Brad Munn, Chief of University Police and/or Lt. Michael Beckner
  • Georgia DeKeyser, Director of the Student Health & Counseling Center
  • Ryan Hill, Interim Director of Residence Life, Associate Director of Residence Life
  • Megan Kolendo, Student Conduct and Ethical Development Coordinator
  • Shawnalee Whitney, Director of Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence (CAFE)  faculty representative
  • Andre Thorn, Director of AHAINA (Multicultural Center)
  • Karen Andrews, Director of Disability Support Services

The Care Team makes recommendations to: Benjamin Morton, Dean of Students - who then consults with Dr. Bruce Schultz,  Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, for final decisions and actions related to Elevated cases.

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