Referral Process

Referral Process: What Happens Next?

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What happens after I submit a report to the UAA Care Team?

  1. After an online Care Report is submitted, Maxient (the Care Team database) sends a “Care Notification” email to UAA Care Team members, the Residential Care Team and Care Team Affiliates. 
  2. A Care Team member is assigned to the Care Report, according to the circumstances, and becomes the Case Manager for that student.
  3. The Case Manager gathers additional information about the student of concern.
  4. Within one business day of when the report is submitted, the Case Manager contacts the referral source.
  5. Within one business day of when the report is submitted, the Case Manager attempts to contact the student to discuss the report.
  6. The Case Manager uses the available information and meetings with the student to:
    1. Get to know the student and the impact that the issue is having on them. 
    2. Advocate for the student by coordinating services and assisting the student with navigating university processes.
    3. Help the student develop skills to manage situations independently.
  7. Care Team members will provide updates to the referral source, as appropriate. 
  8. When the case is resolved, the Care Team will inform the referral source.

Services Care Team Provides in Response to Care Report

  • Manage crisis response situations
  • Assist students to  understand campus procedures, such as requesting retroactive withdrawals or petitions for tuition refunds
  • Guide students through academic dispute resolution procedures
  • Identify resources on campus and in the community
  • Referrals to on-campus and off-campus resources and services
  • Connect with academic advisors
  • Identify additional financial resources 
  • Reach out to disengaged students
  • Provide student advocacy and support