How do you submit a Care Report?

Submit a Care Report

Submitting a Care Referral/Report

“Most important....people rarely show all of their symptoms to just one department or group on campus.  A professor may see a problem in an essay, the campus police may endure belligerent statements, a resident assistant may notice the student is a loner, the counseling center may notice that the student fails to appear for a follow-up visit.  Acting independently, no department is likely to solve the problem [for the student].  In short, colleges must recognize that managing an educational environment is a team effort, calling for collaboration and multilateral solutions" (Chronicle of Higer Education, 2007).   To create a caring and safe community everyone in the UAA community, students/staff/faculty,  must be willing to step up and reach out or refer students for help when we sense something is amiss.  The Care Team is here for those referral/reports.

Please submit a Care Report if a student appears distressed, disturbed, dysregulated, and/or has generally concerning behavior.

If you have any questions about whether or not to submit a referral/report please contact UAA’s Care Team Coordinator at (907)786-6065 or the Dean of Students office at: (907) 786-1214.  In addition you may send an e-mail at The Care Team Coordinator or designee can be contacted via phone or e-mail from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.

If you would like more information on what students to report please read our brochure Students in Crisis and Conflict  

The Care Team follows guidance from the National Behavioral Intervention Association (NaBITA) and behavior intervention best practices outlined in The NCHERM whitepaper: 2nd generation behavioral intervention best practices (Sokolow, B., & Lewis, W. S. (2009). DOI:

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