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  • Career Guidance

    Are you facing career decisions? Would you like some career guidance? 

    Meet one-on-one with CES staff to guide you in such areas as:

    • choosing or changing a career direction  
    • assessing abilities, interests, and priorities  
    • graduate school options and the admissions process 

    Appointment Requirements: 

    (Details will be sent via email after making appointment)

      • Master or draft resume
      • Create your own AKCIS account after initially using uaanchorage as the username and 4Student as the password
        • Completing the Career Cluster Inventory
        • Completing the Interest Profiler 
  • Job Searching

    Would you like to know how to find your ideal job? 

    Meet with a Career Advisor to discuss your current job searching methods and learn about other means of finding your dream job. 

    Appointment Requirements: 

    • Draft/Recently submitted Resume 
    • Be prepared to discuss how you are currently/have been searching for jobs
  • Resume &/or Cover Letter Review 

    Are you applying for positions but haven't been asked to interview? Need to refresh your resume? 

    The Career Exploration & Services (CES) staff can help you with highlighting your knowledge, skills, and abilities for the job position that you want. 

    Resume and/or Cover Letter Reviews are also offered during Drop-In Hours.

    Appointment Requirements: 

    • Draft Resume &/or Cover Letter
    • If for specific jobs, the job description(s) or link to it 

    If you need to draft a resume, we encourage you to use our Resume handout or use AKCIS' Resume Builder to start a draft. We can review together during your appointment.

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  • Mock Interview 

    Need help preparing for a job interview?

    Consider practicing with a Career Exploration & Services Staff to perfect your interviewing skills to land that job. 

    Please treat your Mock Interview appointment as if it were a real interview by dressing professionally and arriving early. The more you treat it like a real interview, the better we can review your interviewing skills. 

    General Mock Interviews (not specific to your career field/jobs you're interested in) are also offered during Drop-In Hours.

    Appointment Requirements: 

    • For mock job interviews, draft Resume &/or Cover Letter 
    • For graduate school interviews, your graduate school application


  • Internship Orientation

    Want to get real world experience in your career field while earning college credit? Do you currently have a job that aligns with your major and want to get college credit for it?

    Student internships are a unique form of education that helps you gain tangible experience in your field of study while getting paid and earning class credit at the same time. 

    Internship Orientations are also offered during Drop-In Hours.

    UAA Career Exploration & Services coordinates internships for students that are majoring in the following:

    • Accounting
    • Architect and Engineering Technology
    • Biology
    • Business Administration: Management, Marketing, & Finance
    • Property Management (Graduate Course)
    • Chemistry 
    • Computer Information Systems/Management Information Systems
    • Computer Science and Computer Engineering
    • Construction Management
    • Economics
    • Geology
    • Justice
    • Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management
    • Project Management

    If your major is not listed, please contact your academic department or the Academic Advisor for your major.

    Appointment Requirement: 

    • Please be prepared to actively listen and demonstrate your knowledge about the Internship Program requirements



Rescheduling, Cancellation, & No Show Notice 

The UAA Career Exploration & Services (CES) reserves the right to reschedule or cancel an appointment for any given reason. We try to give adequate notice, but it is not always possible due to varying situations. 

Please provide advance notice if you learn that your are unable to meet with us at your appointment time, otherwise your appointment will be considered a "No Show." If you receive 3 No Shows in one semester, you will be unable to schedule a CES appointment until the next semester. 

Please note that appointment can only be rescheduled 3 times in one semester. After the 3rd reschedule, you will not be able to schedule an appointment until the next semester. 


Special Notice:

As of January 2013, the UAA Career Exploration & Services (formerly known as Career Services Center) is unable to accommodate one-on-one resume, cover letter, mock interview or career counseling appointments with clients other than current UAA students and alumni. Non-UAA clients are welcome to utilize our resources, including library privileges and information featured on our website. Non-UAA clients are encouraged to connect with the State of Alaska's Department of Labor and Workforce Development; the Job Centers' contact information may be found on the DOL website 

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