On behalf of UAA, thank you to the following people for making this a memorable tribute for our graduates and families:
*Commencement Committee Members

Tami Choquette*,
Co-Chair Commencement Committee, Executive Assistant to the Dean, College of Engineering

Cedar Cussins*,
Co-Chair Commencement Committee, Videography and Technical Support Specialist, College of Arts and Sciences

Marcella Asicksik,
LGG Group Leader

Chelsey Avichayil,
Alumni Outreach Specialist, Alumni Relations

Jeff Bemis*,
Interim General Manager, Alaska Airlines Center

Marian Bruce*,
Director, Faculty Services

Ryan Buchholdt*,
Sustainability and Business Manager, Facilities and Campus Services

Zac Clark*,
Associate Director, Student Life and Leadership

Grant Cochran*,
Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Music

Melanie Donhauser*,
Degree Completion Specialist, Office of the Registrar

Scott Downing*,
President, Faculty Senate

Jeff Earle*,
Chief of Police, University Police Department

June Ebert*,
Technology Buyer, UAA Bookstore

James Evans,
Chief Photographer/Videographer, University Advancement

Agapito “Pete” Garcia*,
Custodial Supervisor, Facilities and Campus Services

Tuan Graziano,
Speaker of the Assembly, Union of Students UAA (USUAA)

Victoria Hillwig*,
Executive Assistant, University Advancement

Jason Hotch*,
Fiscal Technician, College of Engineering

Joe Howell*,
Data and Fiscal Manager, Facilities and Campus Services

Chris Huston,
Web/Graphic Design Engineer, Information Technology Services

Matt Jardin,
Communications Specialist, University Advancement

Steve Johnson*,
Associate Professor of Communication and Discourse Studies, Director of Seawolf Debate Program

Mel Kalkowski*,
retired Assistant Director of Chugiak-Eagle River Campus and Director of Military Programs.

Raegan Kelliher*,
Executive Assistant to the Chancellor

Katie Kurpius*,
Event Manager, Alaska Airlines Center

Anne Lazenby*,
Interim Director, Disability Support Services

Matt Little Dog*,
Executive Chef, UAA/NMS Seawolf Catering

Eric Lopez*,
Contract Administrator, Facilities Planning and Construction

Kim Mahoney*,
Interim Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities and Campus Services

Elisa Mattison,
Director, Graduate School

Catalina Myers,
Communications Specialist, University Advancement

Bob Maxwell*,
Drafter/CAD Technician, Facilities Planning and Construction

Chris McConnell*,
Interim Director and Facilities Planner, Facilities Planning and Construction

Isabel Mead*,
Assistant Technology Buyer, Bookstore

Shane Mitchell*,
Manager, Wendy Williamson Auditorium

Kara Monroe*,
Grounds Supervisor, UAA Horticulture

Joe Nedland,
Art Director, University Advancement

Kirstin Olmstead*,
Director of Public Relations, University Advancement

Megan Olson,
Vice Chancellor for University Advancement

Austin Osborne,
Public Relations & Marketing Manager, University Advancement

Heather Pawlak*,
Supervisor, Transportation, Facilities Maintenance and Operations

Mariah DeJesus Remaklus*,
Social Media Specialist, University Advancement

Brett Rewalt,
Graphic Designer, University Advancement

Michelle Saport,
Communications Assistant, University Advancement

Michelle Scaman,
Term Instructor, Department of Communication and Student Speaker Coach

Chad Solberg,
Lead Web/Application Engineer, Information Technology Services

Heather Swanson*,
DSS Assistive Technology Specialist, Disability Support Services

Ron Swartz,
Emergency Manager, Environmental Health & Safety and Risk Management

Tanya Pont*,
Director of Alumni Engagement, Alumni Advancement

Heidi Tilicki*,
Governance Coordinator, Governance Office

Keith Turner*,
Landscaping, Facilities Maintenance and Operations

Jennifer Wisel*,
Senior Alumni Relations Specialist, University Advancement

Bill Zervantian*,


UAA Alma Mater

composed by Dr. Mark Wolbers, Professor Emeritus of Music

Recording of UAA Sinfonia with University Singers and members of the U.S. 9th Army Band arranged & conducted by Dr. Grant Cochran, Professor of Music

Alumni Singers

Eden Barrington
Zaide Manzano
Alina Markina
Kat Moore
Austin Rochon
Lailani Stone 

University Singers

Lyra Eddings
Marley Elconin
Maia Gimm
Briana Glasionov
Gwendolyn Hoibakk
Adriana Latonio
Erika Masinde
Christabel Sosa
Chochone Snipes
Krisse Steinmann
Taylor Zoleske 

Jana Bryner
Alexandra Craig
Daisy Carter
Nicole Crome
Liz Houser
Autumn Levy
Kat McKoy
Patricia Rose

Drew Cochran
Joseph Cruz
Noah Hamre
Keon O’Brien
Benjamin Wrede 

Travis Friesen
Bradley Hamilton
Michael Sutton
Warren Weinstein

University Sinfonia

Marie Nielson, concertmaster
Jake Morris
Luis Muñoz
Ann Wood 

Lara Millette
Christine Killam*

Joseph Agacinski*

Bass Trombone
Emmanuel Daskalos 

Keola Tabisola, principal
Koree Guzman
Susan Hartmann
Allie Livermont 

Morgan Wilhelm
Gabriel Krompacky

French Horn
Brian Adamski* 
Paul Mormino*
Ashley Kernan* 

Drew Cochran

Anna Berry, principal
Alex Daskalos
Ian Worthington 

Garett Granado
Jana Bryner
Abigail Spear
Katherin Le 

William Baez*
Adam Fowler*
Geoffrey Kelly* 

Ethan Combs
Corliss Kimmel
John Norris*
Zeke Thompson 

Keon O’Brien
Leon Butler* 

Bass Clarinet
Bradley Hamilton

Roman Marroquin
Terence McKnight
Romil Suyat Jr.
Mathew Johnston* 

*members of the U.S. 9th Army Band

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