President’s Message

President Jim Johnson

Dear 2020 Graduates,

This commencement day is not like any other the world has experienced in our lifetime.
Although we cannot be together to celebrate your accomplishments in person, in spirit we are all
together as a University community honoring your hard work and dedication to pursue the
worthwhile goal of a higher education degree. The Coronavirus Pandemic may have caused
you to complete your final semester online, yet you pressed on to finish. Bravo!

Today you join a long line of rightfully proud graduates when you receive your degree from the
University of Alaska Anchorage. You follow many thousands, and thousands more will follow
you and your example of accomplishment in the years to come. Congratulations on a great
personal achievement. Your hard work invested in earning your degree prepares you well to
write the next chapter of your life. Whatever path you choose, you can carry it out with the great
personal strength and self-confidence you have developed here at UAA.

My counsel for you today is that you be courageous in the midst of this uncertain time in your
life, remain inquisitive, keep learning, continue to grow intellectually and find ways throughout
your careers to give back to your community and to UAA. I hope you make your home with us
here in Alaska - helping to build the Alaska we all want. But wherever life’s journey may take
you, please accept my congratulations and very best wishes for your happiness and success.

Be well,

James Johnsen, President
University of Alaska