Student Complaint & Dispute Procedures and Resources

UAA Student Complaint & Dispute Procedures and Resources

The University of Alaska Anchorage is committed to providing a quality educational experience for all students.  This includes ensuring that students have access to the appropriate resources for registering formal complaints.  This area is designed to provide students with information on the various formal complaint policies and procedures at UAA.  It also includes links to offices at UAA that can help students understand and navigate the processes.

Informal Resolution

As specified in BOR policy 09.03.020, the first step for a student to challenge a university action or decision will be to seek an informal resolution with the person responsible for the decision or action, or with the person's immediate supervisor.  There are often deadlines for completing the informal process, and students will want to check the particular policy for information about deadlines.  If the complaint is not resolved informally, students may file a formal complaint using formal resolution procedures.

Formal Resolution

A formal complaint is a written request to initiate a formal review procedure.  A formal written complaint shall include: 

  • a statement of the issue,
  • the university policy or procedure violated,
  • a summary of your attempt at informal resolution as specified in BOR policy 09.03.020,
  • a list of potential witnesses,
  • supporting documents, and
  • the desired outcome.


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