Transcript Notation Policy

UAA posts major sanctions on student transcripts.

SUSPENSION: If a student is placed on suspension, a comment will be placed on the transcript under the term in which the suspension began. If and when the student meets all conditions to be re-enrolled, a comment will be placed on the term in which they return.

EXPULSION: If a student is expelled, a comment will be placed in the header of the transcript.

REVOCATION OF DEGREE: If a student’s degree is revoked, the BANNER status of the degree record will be changed from “Awarded” to “Revoked.”  The revocation will not be annotated on the transcript; however, the degree will be removed and the accompanying EXPULSION comment will be placed into the header (in the same location on the transcript where the degree would have been).  UAA will also re-issue corrected official transcripts, if necessary.

These comments will contain only the following information:

Type of sanction (SUSPENDED or EXPELLED)

Term(s) affected (the term or terms in which the sanction is levied)

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