General Information

General Information - The DSS Philosophy

At the University of Alaska Anchorage, providing equal opportunities for students who experience disabilities is a campus-wide responsibility and commitment.  There are two primary areas in which DSS serves:  by coordinating support services for UAA students who experience disabilities.  In addition to those support services, DSS promotes a Universal Design approach to encourage a barrier-free culture for everyone.  When barriers do arise,  DSS serves as a resource to assist in the identification of reasonable adjustments.


Providing Services for Students with Disabilities

Individuals are encouraged to meet with DSS Staff two weeks before the accommodation is needed.  DSS staff can provide details about services and accommodations that are available to qualified students with appropriate documentation.


Sharing Resources with the Community

Disability Support Services helps the campus community honor our institution-wide responsibility and commitment. To clarify rights and responsibilities and address frequently asked questions, we have added a handout with a flowchart detailing the accommodation process and outlining real time communication access options. We have also created a page with accessibility notices and frequently asked questions.