Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness for Individuals with Disabilities

Emergency preparedness…if you or someone near you has a disability that impacts emergency response…do you know what to do?

This page provides information that is meant to help increase awareness and support active planning.  Students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to follow the links at the bottom of this page.

Additionally, a text entitled "Adapting Emergency Procedures on Campus for Individuals with Disabilities" was published by the Association on Higher Education and Disability in 1995.  A more recent publication is dated 2001; both are reference copies that can be borrowed from the DSS Office.

Campus Access Maps

Disability Support Services had the pleasure of working with a group of CIS students who developed a collection of campus maps that allow users to drill down to individual floor plans. These maps highlight accessibility features such as adaptive computing workstations,  handicapped parking, automatic door openers, elevators, safe refuge locations, and more.

The Campus Access Maps are being reworked now. Because the new maps are in progress we will appreciate any feedback that users can offer.

Planning for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities impacting mobility or ability to respond in case of an emergency are encouraged to develop an individualized emergency response plan. Students are encouraged to:

1. Know the building floor plans, especially where the fire-protected stairwells are located, as these areas can be used for shelter while awaiting assistance.

2. Use a buddy system, and have more than one buddy in each class in case the primary buddy is not present at the time of an emergency.

3. Consider using DSS liaison services if you anticipate needing assistance and would like that need communicated.

Students are welcome to come in and talk with DSS staff about emergency preparedness and how planning can help.

Additional Resources:

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Emergency Preparedness Information
Posted on the UAA Environmental Health & Safety and Risk Management site.

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